What can we do for you?



What can we do for you?



Über die Liedtke GmbH

Services and machines


We offer you the opportunity to manufacture parts up to a size of 2000x3000 mm on the latest generation of thermoforming machines. Plastic sheets with up to six layers in every imaginable color, various surfaces and initial thicknesses of up to 14mm can be formed especially for your requirements.

CNC milling

Modern 5-axis CNC milling centers are available for precise post-processing of the deep-drawn half-parts. Even complex trims can be implemented here with minimal tolerances and highest repeat accuracy.

Machine park

The following machinery is available for your orders:

  • 1 thermoforming machine 560 x 960
  • 1 thermoforming machine 1410 x 2410
  • 2 thermoforming machines 1200 x 1450
  • 2 thermoforming machines 2010 x 3010
  • 7 HG milling centers
  • 1 Geiss milling center

Assembly production

In assembly production and assembly, all necessary post-processing steps are carried out efficiently and reliably according to exact specifications.

Final assembly, gluing, screwing, pressing, riveting, punching, ultrasonic welding, sealing, deburring, polishing, marking, packaging - we process your product as much as you want in order to save you valuable time during assembly.


Together with efficient and long-term partners, further options for your desired product can be realized.

We offer a wide variety of surface treatments such as painting, flocking, steaming, anti-graffiti coatings, printing, foiling and back-foaming.

Download production standards

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